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Staying Motivated to be Healthy

By Emily Kobel, BA

We all know that we need to get to the gym and eat healthy, but sometimes it is difficult to get that workout in, to find the motivation to go to the gym, or to choose the healthy option. The best way to combat this is to set goals and then reward yourself when you meet the goals set. Goals could range to a certain amount of weight loss, lifting a heavier weight, exercising a set amount of minutes per week, or even logging your food in MyFitnessPal. A good way to keep track of your goals is by keeping a fitness journal and logging any type of improvement or accomplishment. When rewarding yourself, be sure it is something done in moderation and is something that is important to you personally. It is key to feel good about how you reward your accomplishments.

Another great way to stay motivated is to incorporate positive affirmations into your daily routine. Keeping a positive mindset is key is feeling good about yourself and your abilities. When we put ourselves down, it is easy to get stuck in a rut of thinking that we cannot accomplish what we want to do or know we need to do.

A third way to keep motivated is working out with a friend or friends! Having someone to help you be accountable is a great way to ensure you get that workout in. Whether it's working out with them, or sharing your workouts on your watch, or even sharing your MyFitnessPal, it’s always motivating to know you have someone working through it with you.

Finally, by staying regular and keeping a routine for your workouts, it makes it easier to know when you are supposed to go to the gym. By having a regular routine you will be more likely to avoid skipping. Also, in terms of eating healthy, I recommend making a meal plan and prepping your food each week on the same day. Eating healthy food regularly will help you feel better and give you more energy.

I challenge you to implement some of these practices to help increase your motivation levels and your overall health. Keep up the work, push yourself, and have fun with your fitness journey!

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