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Education & Certifications

  • OTA/L

  • Associate Applied Science


With years of experience as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, and my love for being physically active and working out I made the decision to take the next step and also become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Intelligent Fitness.  I have worked  with many patients over the years who were recovering from various medical issues, working towards regaining strength and also independence with daily living activities. My experience in helping patients work towards individual needs and goals in OT will continue to be a great asset in personal training.  My goal is to help individuals overcome whatever obstacles they may be facing and achieve goals that they once thought to be impossible,  becoming the strongest and healthiest versions of themselves.  


My personal favorite activities when exercising are walking, biking and also lifting weights. When I’m not working my full time job as an OTA/L or training at IF I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids!

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