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A little motivation to keep pushing & stop fearing, by Hannah Alderfer, BA CPT, FMSC

I’ve been reading a book by Emily Ley called Grace Not Perfection and found her incites into running her own business, as well as juggling the duties of taking care of her kids, home, and herself (usually last on the list!) applicable to my own life now. For many of us, our personal goals in life go by the wayside as life gets busier & many of our aspirations suddenly seem too unrealistic. But what’s truly driving that may not be the insurmountableness of the goal, but the fear of what it will take to get there. Thus, I’ve found the below excerpt inspiring in that we shouldn’t let fear determine our lives, but simply recognize it for what it is, and then go, tackle that goal!

“The difference between people who achieve their goals and people who don’t is their

ability to dust themselves off and wear their dirty outfit proudly.

The truth is, we all fall down. We all mess up and make mistakes and do and say the wrong things sometimes. No matter the path you’re on, you know what I’m talking about — you know the pain of face-planting and the embarrassment that comes when you just can’t meet expectations. These situations aren’t always negatives. Instead, they’re often opportunities for us to show what we’re truly made of.

So what are you afraid of? What would it look like to step into a perfectly imperfect life that you were truly passionate about? Would it be worth it to find real joy?

Your desire for a better life has to be stronger than your fear of what it may take to get there. 

It’s as simple as that. Don’t put off creating the life you dream of because you’re afraid you can’t do it perfectly. If you’re waiting on your ideal path to open up in front of you, clouds parting and pretty rainbows marking each step, you’re going to be waiting a while.

Today is the day.

That beautifully bumpy road is just waiting for you to take your first step. You were made for this! You will make mistakes. You will fall down. It might hurt, but it makes life so much better than before.”

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