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It’s time to revisit an old blog of mine. One of my favorites and one that most of us need to hear every year so we start our “Holiday Season” off on the right foot! And since I know most of you are starting to buy candy for the kids, check out our tips below to make it easier to avoid the “Drugs!”

I have a good friend Lori who pointed out something to me while our kids trick-or-treated this Halloween. She said that Halloween candy is like her gateway drug. Of course I laughed, but at that instant I had the light bulb go off over my head. Lori said that once she eats one piece of candy it’s all over. “What’s one more, it won’t kill me, I have it all under control”. Just like the person who says “Its just pot, its no big deal. I don’t do anything harder.” and the next thing you know they’re shooting up heroine.

Halloween Candy isn’t just the gateway to finishing off your kid’s candy while they’re not looking. It’s the gateway to gaining 5 pounds over the holiday season. It’s the gateway to not just falling off the wagon concerning your weight loss efforts, but in jumping off with both feet and screaming “Yahooooo!!!!”

So if you don’t want to lose control this holiday season don’t let Halloween candy be your gateway drug!

Danielle’s Tips For A Healthier Halloween!

  1. Wait until the last minute to buy candy. If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it.

  2. Buy candy that you don’t like. Don’t like Twizzlers? Buy all Twizzlers. Don’t like chocolate (what?!) Buy all chocolate.

  3. Don’t hide candy from your kids. You still know where it is!

  4. Get rid of leftover candy right away. Take it to work, give it away… anywhere but your house.

  5. Don’t buy pencils or pretzels, or give apples. No self-respecting kid wants those… you’ll become “that house”. Instead, buy the big candy bars and a limited amount. Once word gets around they’ll be gone in a heart beat and then you can just turn off the lights and tell them your sold out!

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