Meal Prepping 101

By Gary Canam, BA

The number one topic of interest when it comes down to nutrition! How to save time, money and your health with this one simple task...MEAL PREPPING! I hear it all the time, from client to client, in all different variations. “I don’t know what to eat after my workout,“ I find myself starving afterwards, so I'm forced to eat out because I don’t feel like cooking,” or “I simply have no time in my day to cook a whole food meal.” If you know that your schedule is busy, you don’t enjoy cooking during crunch times throughout your day, or just don’t know where to start, here are some of my simple habit breaking tips in order to get you over the hump of meal prepping.

Tips on where and how to start:

  • Plan ahead.

  • Lay out a game plan for the week ahead (theme of meals).