How to Be Healthy When You're Busy

By Emily Kobel, BA

We all are often running around between work, extra curriculars, workouts, and, for some of us, kids! With all of this going on, we sometimes forget to properly fuel our bodies to keep us going. I know from experience what a long day feels like. Sometimes I am away from home for two meals, or even all three. So the question is, how do we eat well on the go? The best thing to do is meal preparation! I recommend taking one day out of the week to grocery shop and meal prep. This cuts down on grocery costs and saves time.

What should you meal prep, you may ask? You want to make sure you have a balanced meal that will also last you the whole week. MyFitness Pal has a lot of great recipes and you can check your macros and nutrition on here also. We have a lot of great rec