The Misconception of Weight Loss

The misconception of how to lose weight, and why most people fail when trying!

By Gary Canam, BA

There is a common misconception when it comes to losing weight. People tend to lean towards the fast and easy fix in order to speed up the process of results with minimal effort. The concept that you’ll lose weight as long as you burn more calories than you consume ends up creating a mindset that weight loss should be a linear process. It’s, sadly, not that simple. There are other factors that come into play here, one being your metabolic rate. We view the metabolic rate as how many calories your body is burning at rest. Your body tends to adjust to the amount of calories that you provide it. In relation, your metabolic rate will fluctuate based on that amount as well. Think of your metabolism as a furnace, if you don’t fuel that furnace the flames will decrease. Same goes for your metabolism, the more you restrict your calories, the less fire your furnace has to burn, which pressures your metabolism to conserve calories rather than burn them.