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Go For A Walk

By Denise Quentin, BA, CPT

Walking can be one of the best medicines that you can give your body. I truly believe that no medication or supplement can be as beneficial for your body other than simply moving your body by going for a walk. You are wondering why? Simple physical activity such as walking will decrease the risk of cardiovascular conditions, strengthen your bones and muscles, aid in weight management, and it will also increase your energy levels!

On top of physical benefits, your body gets nature’s best oxygen once you step outside which in return will increase your mood and strengthen your immune system as well as relax your busy mind.

According to ACSM guidelines, you are supposed to total 150 min of moderate activity or 75 min of high-intensity activities per week. Just think about going for a 20-minute walk every day and you already fulfilled the criteria! Do you have 20 minutes every day? You can even break it up into 2-10 minute walks! That sounds like a good deal to me!

The latest research suggests that being sedentary for several hours each day will increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases by 10-15%. With walking, you will decrease this risk.

The best thing’s easy to get started! You don’t need any equipment, just a pair of good-fitting shoes that you can walk in for a period of time - but no worries, we are not going on a hike! - just find a pair that you are most comfortable in. Second, find a nice area where you can walk. The options are endless here..use your neighborhood or start exploring state parks that are close to your own home. You can grab a friend or your dog to keep you company and hold you accountable.

Let’s go for a walk! Now is your time to get started! It's never been easier!

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