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The Soul of IF

By Danielle Wirick, Owner of Intelligent Fitness, LLC

Here at Intelligent Fitness, we have this great building, within that building we have amazing workouts and classes, and clients who create an atmosphere unlike any other; full of fun, warmth, and a strong sense of Family & Community. But our Soul… the Soul of Intelligent Fitness comes from the Trainers.

I didn’t hire the Trainers at IF because they have a huge social media following or because they’re fitness models or influencers. They didn’t come into fitness training for the spotlight or fame, they came simply for you! I always said that a Fitness Trainer who was ridiculously “buff” or is always on social media must not be that good of a trainer or they’d be too busy to workout for excessive hours or to be on social media all the time. Instead, my trainers are passionate about fixing “broken” clients, finding ways to help them achieve their goals, learning more about how the body works than some medical professionals, and helping their clients in more ways than most people could even imagine.

They don’t cash in on a huge salary, but they have an unspoken passion for the job and do the work anyway. They could just choose to be the classic “pin pullers” you often see floating around at other gyms, but they choose to be better. So when January rolls around and our team is working crazy around the clock at IF, know that you made the best choice in Trainers and that they are there for you for the long haul - even past the January rush!

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