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IF Summer Decathlon Rules & Regulations

Do you have what it takes for the IF Ultimate Summer Challenge? If so, you have 10 weeks to master 10 exercises in our first ever IF Summer Decathlon. No sign up, No cost... just hard work.

Dates and Times: The Decathlon will run from June 12th - August 21st during any of our self circuit times or contact your trainer for additional availability.

Levels: There will be two levels plus three age groups in both Male and Female categories.

Age groups:

  • Under 40 years old

  • 40 - 54 years old

  • 55 years old and over

Awards... mostly for the glory, but we will also highlight the following achievements:

  • Most improved at both levels and all age groups for both Male and Female

  • Best overall time for both levels and all age groups for both Male and Female

  • Most times completed at both levels and all age groups for both Male and Female

How to choose a level: Clients will choose a level themselves. You can participate in both levels but only win in the highest level you participate in. Our suggestion in choosing a level?

  • If you take Afterburn or Industrial Strength regularly you should do Level 2

  • If you do Foundations, Yoga and Power Core as your primary classes then choose Level 1

General Rules:

  1. This competition is for fun... or at least we think so!

  2. We are mostly using an honor system for timing and form... don’t cheat.

  3. We have the right to change the rules... yes. Yes we do.

  4. Use your best judgment... don’t hurt yourself or someone else.

Description: The 10 “stations” would be in the order given, one in each spot in the class area and the person moves around the stations to complete all 10 stations in a row in one workout. Each person can take breaks as needed, and should do so throughout. More than one person can perform the decathlon at a time (but need to start at the same time or wait until completion) and if someone is doing a regular SC they can take one of the other 2 spots or work in. Each station will have a laminated card with the station #, exercise, what equipment is needed, Level 1 info (reps, weight, etc) and Level 2 info.

Set up:

  1. To begin, the client should take the laminated cards and place 1 in each class “spot” 1 through 10 or in a down and back with cards 1-6 in spots 1-6 and then card 7 in spot 5, card 8 in spot 4, card 9 in spot 3 and card 10 in spot 2.

  2. Clients then should assemble all equipment they will be using for each station.

  3. Set the Time for a count up: a) Press the UP arrow on the timer remote. (above the OK button) b) Press the Ok button for the 10 second countdown, only when ready.

  4. When ready, push the OK on the time for your 10 second countdown before beginning; place the time in your last station, get in position for station 1 and when the countdown is done, begin the Decathlon.

  5. Once the last station is complete, press the OK button on the timer to get your completion time.

  6. Write your name on the Leaderboard (Motivation board) along with your time. Continue participating as often as you would like through the 10 weeks.

  7. You may participate in any level, but can only win in the highest level you declare a time in on the Leaderboard.

Stations and Order of Completion: **If there is no differentiation, male and female do the same exercise. Please see the videos for information on form.

Level 1

  1. Skiing - red tubing full movement - 20 reps

  2. Reverse Lunge - no weight, 10 reps each side

  3. Over Shoulder Dead Balls - 10 total - 14 lb wall ball

  4. Box Jumps or Full Step Up - 10 reps or 5 each side, box = 20”

  5. Farmer’s Carry - 150’ (full lap end to end) M = 40 lb db’s; F = 25 lb db’s

  6. Rowing - water damper set to 8, 500 Meters

  7. Push ups - deadstop; M = 15 F = 10; Can do as an incline modified 20” box and touch chest to box

  8. led - Pull down, push back - 1 full length each; M = add 25 lbs; F = no weight

  9. Med Ball Full Sit Ups - 10 reps M = 14 lb wall ball; F = 10 lb med ball

  10. Burpees - 10 (no push up)

Level 2

  1. Skiing - red tubing full movement - 40 reps

  2. Reverse Lunge -20 reps each side; M = 25 lb KB goblet; F = 15 lb. KB goblet

  3. Over Shoulder Dead Balls - 20 total - 14 lb wall ball

  4. Box Jumps or Full Step Up - 20 reps or 10 each side, box = 20”

  5. Farmer’s Carry - 150’ (full lap end to end) M = 50 lb db’s; F = 35 lb db’s

  6. Rowing - water damper set to 8, 500 Meters

  7. Push ups - all deadstop; M = 25 F = 15 full push ups

  8. Sled - Pull down, push back - 1 full length each; M = add 45 lbs; F = add 25 lbs

  9. Med Ball Full Sit Ups - 20 reps M = 14 lb wall ball; F = 10 lb med ball

  10. Burpees - 20 (no push up)

Station Descriptions and Form Guides: Be sure to look over the form guidelines or demo videos before beginning the IF Decathlon to ensure that all the exercises are performed in a safe and effective manner. Refer back to these descriptions throughout the Decathlon as needed.

Station 1: Skiing

  • For set up, place Red tubing over the first bar on the Power Rack in area 1

  • Back should be kept neutral and movement should be a hip hinge

  • Full extension of the knees and hips at the end of the movement are required

Station 2: Reverse Lunge

  • For Level 2, kettlebell must be held in a goblet hold

  • If rest is needed during the station, the weight can be placed on the ground after a completed rep.

  • Knee of the back leg must be below or behind the hip

  • Front foot should be flat on the ground

  • At the top of the movement knees and hips must be in full extension

  • Split squat jumps are not permitted. Both feet must be on the ground at the top of the rep before you begin the next rep.

Station 3: Over Shoulder Dead Balls

  • The weight must go over the top of the shoulder

  • Weight can not be thrown over the shoulder

  • After lifting the weight over the shoulder, the client must let it hit the floor, turn to face the ball and repeat the process.

  • Weight can be placed down at any time to rest.

  • After the weight is lifted the body must be in full extension at the hips and knees.

Station 4: Box Jumps or Full Step Ups

  • During a box jump, the client must make contact with the top of the box with both feet before moving to the other side to get off.

  • After jumping or a step up, both feet must make contact with the ground for the rep to count.

  • Clients can not jump off the box or over the box, and they must step off the box.

Station 5: Farmer’s Carry

  • Weight must be carried 1 per hand

  • Weight must be carried by the client’s sides

  • Both weights must be moved at the same time, they cannot be shuttled one at a time.

  • Weights can be placed down as needed

  • Weights must be carried, they cannot be dragged, rolled or moved via any other method.

  • Clients must start from their station and walk the inside edge of the turf until returning to their station. Be sure to pull the sled into position and move the timer and class board out of the way PRIOR to starting the Decathlon.

Station 6: Rower

  • Be sure to make the damper adjustment to 8 and any foot strap adjustments as needed

  • The client must stay seated on the rower with feet strapped in until the display reads 500 meters.

  • The client can make any foot strap adjustments while rowing

Station 7: Push ups

  • All floor push ups are a deadstop push up with the chest coming to rest on the floor and both hands being lifted off the floor before pushing off again

  • Level 1 can modify push ups to a 20” box, in which a regular push up will be performed and the client's chest must touch the box for each rep

Station 8: Sled Pull/Push

  • Attach a TRX to the sled for handles PRIOR to beginning the Decathlon. Adjust the length of the TRX straps so the yellow tabs line up with the grey/black hash marks on the web straps

  • Clients will use the TRX handles to pull the sled to the end of the turf while walking backwards.

  • The edge of the sled closest to the client must come to the end of the turf

  • TRX handles will be placed on top of the sled and the bars will be used to push the sled back to the end of the turf with the edge of the sled farthest from the client coming to the end of the tuf.

Station 9: Med Ball Full Sit Up

  • Reps start with the clients back on the floor, knees bent, feet on the ground and the med ball held behind the head touching the ground

  • The client must raise their torso off of the ground and touch the ball on the ground between their feet

  • Each rep is considered complete once the ball touches the ground between their feet

  • Clients can rest in a lying position.

Station 10: Burpee

  • Burpees should be completed WITHOUT the push up

  • Legs should be completely extended behind the body while in the plank position during the rep

  • At the completion of the rep, the client's body (knees and hips) must be fully extended

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