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How to Use the Theragun

  1. Quick tap the center button to turn on the device. Quick tap again to start the motor.

  2. Adjust the speed using the + and - buttons.

  3. For guided wellness routines download the Therabody app & sign in with:

    1. Username:

    2. Password: Fitness8020!

      1. Then select your desired “routine” and follow along on the app as the Theragun auto adjusts to the program as you go.

  4. The “dampener” training head will be out for regular use.

  5. To stop the motor and return to the home screen, tap the center button again.

  6. After your time is done, clean the entire gun with disinfectant sprayed on a rag.

  7. Place the Theragun back onto the charging station.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Use the Theragun to help muscles recover after a workout and to relieve tension in muscles

  • Spend up to 2 minutes on each muscle group to help relax the muscle

  • Theragun can be used before a workout to help activate the muscle

  • Spend up to 30 seconds on each muscle group to activate the muscles

  • Theragun can be used in between sets to help activate muscles that are “asleep”

  • Spend between 15 and 30 seconds on muscles that need to be activated in between sets

Do’s and Don'ts:

  • DO NOT use the Theragun on injuries unless directed to do so.

  • DO NOT use the Theragun directly on the spine or the head.

  • DO use the Theragun to work around “knots” before applying the Theragun directly on them.

  • DO continue to stretch after workouts as the Theragun does not take the place of stretching, but rather is used to complement stretching.

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