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Get to Know Us! - Our Workout Soundtracks

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Learn a little more about each of the Trainers, Instructors & Staff at IF! Each month we will feature a different question so that you can get to know us better! This month's question: What's your go-to workout music? Danielle: Since we listen to music all day at IF, mine isn’t music, but podcasts or audio books.

Hannah: If I'm running, I actually prefer to listen to audio books or nothing at all, but if I'm listening to music it's usually Christian worship music.

Kylie: I made my own playlist of random music from all genres that feels inspirational and motivating... maybe I’ll share it one day. :)

Rachel: When it comes to workout music, it really depends on my mood. I can range from music that is upbeat, to sad and deep. The music I like is a well kept secret so you will have to ask me in person for specifics and I might tell you, haha!

Abbe: Electro-pop/EDM (electronic dance music).

Jen: Reggae workout mix, hip hop mix, and dance/electronic mix. Really anything upbeat for an extra “push.”

Denise: As of right now, it's definitely country music :)

Jaime: I actually don't listen to music when I work out or run. When I'm running, I like my ears and eyes open. And if I'm working out at home, usually the 3 kids and the dog are my soundtrack! Klay: I listen to any genre that is upbeat when I workout. Anywhere from rock, rap, pop, or alternative.

Michelle: 80's rock, pop, hiphop

Linda: 80's rock

Lori: I don't use music, sometimes a podcast for long runs.

Anna: Oooh I'm a sucker for some 80’s Rock, but if you ask Kylie my “song” it's definitely Panic at the Disco “I write sins not tragedies.”

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