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How to Use a TRX Suspension Trainer

Get to know the TRX Suspension Trainer! Refer back to the image below to help you adjust the straps according to the exercises you perform.

There are different lengths the TRX should be placed in for certain exercises. However, you can also alter the intensity of any exercise by the length of the straps, but before then first adjust your stance and body position before changing the length. Follow the guidelines below and always ask your trainer for help if you are unsure!

  • Over shortened:

Strap position: Pull the adjustment tabs up to the anchor and keep pulling on the same strap until the cam buckles are close to the anchor.

Exercises: Inverted Row & Pull Ups

  • Fully shortened:

Strap position: Pull the adjustment tabs all the way up to the anchor.

Exercises: Low Row and Tricep Press

  • Mid-Length:

Strap position: Most often referred to as the “hash marks”. Pull the adjustment tabs up/down until they meet around the mid length where there is a defined mark or where the black meets the gray on the strap.

Exercises: Single Arm Exercises, most standing exercises will be this strap length (squat, power pull, bicep curl, reverse lunge, etc.)

  • Fully lengthened:

Strap position: Pull the cam buckles and lengthen the straps all the way down so the adjustment straps are next to the buckles.

Exercises: Pressing exercises (chest press, rotational ward, etc.)

  • Mid Calf:

Strap position: Standing next to your straps, lengthen or shorten them until the foot cradles hang about mid calf.

Exercises: Any of the ground/floor exercises where your feet, and sometimes hands, are in the foot cradles (plank, bridges, atomic push-ups, hamstring curl, etc.)

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