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How to Download & Use Trainerize

How to download Trainerize:

To download the app, go to the Apple App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android) and search for Trainerize, then install the app.

App Store links:

When you are added to IF’s Trainerize account, you are immediately sent a link to download the Trainerize app and set up your account.

How to login to Trainerize:

When you are added to IF’s Trainerize account, an Invitation Email is sent with the following information:

  • Instructions to set up your login password.

  • The Trainerize site address to sign into.

  • Links to download the app (iOS/Android).

You will then be able to login to both the web and mobile app to receive training and communication from your Trainer.

What you will see on Trainerize:

Once you download the app & login through the invitation email, you will be asked to fill out your body stats & preferences.

You will then be directed to a welcome video on how to use the app. If you missed it or need extra help, here is the link to the video:

How to use the Trainerize app when working out:

As a client, you are able to:

  • Login to your account Online to view workouts that have been created and scheduled for you

  • Download the iPhone or Android app, and access workouts, track stats, take progress photos, and launch the resting timer, all from their iPhone

  • Receive email reminders for scheduled workouts

  • Message your trainer from the Trainerize site

To start a workout from the mobile app:

  • Login to the app

  • Click on the kettlebell icon at the bottom of the dashboard

  • From here you can see all of the workouts that your trainer has put into your program

  • Click on the workout you want/are scheduled to do

  • Click “Start now” at bottom of the screen

  • Perform the workout, and enter in the stats (reps/sets/time/weight) as you workout

  • When you have completed entering your stats tap "End" in the top right corner

  • Your stats will automatically sync to the online site

How to schedule in extra workouts or cardio:

  • Login to the app

  • Swipe right to the Calendar or tap on the Calendar button (top)

  • Tap on the blue "+" button in the bottom right corner

  • Tap on "Workout" or "Cardio"

  • Choose the workout or cardio type

  • This will schedule a workout or cardio for the current date

Substitute one exercise for another in your workout or edit your workout:

We have all had the experience of being at the gym and of not being able to move to our next exercise because someone else is using the equipment we need. You may want to just move on to the next exercise in your workout or sometimes you will want to add in a substitute exercise to your workout.

You can add in a new exercise to an existing workout by:

  • Tap on the workout to open it

  • Tap on the three dots icon in the top right

  • From the menu that appears, tap on "Edit this workout"

  • From the menu on the bottom you can choose "Select" to delete an exercise

  • Tap "Save" - this will update your workout AND/OR

  • From the menu on the bottom you can choose "Insert" to add in an exercise

  • Tap "Save" - this will update your workout with a new exercise

  • Once you have completed a workout and entered all your workout stats you have the option to tap "End" in the top right or tap "Close" in the top left.

  • You do not need to hit "End" to save the workout stats. Stats save automatically even if you tap on "Close".

How to enter workout notes: