At Intelligent Fitness Personal Training, we are firm believers in giving our clients everything they need to achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Along with high quality personal training workouts designed by experienced coaches, this also means offering personal fitness promotions that will assist you in improving your overall health without breaking the bank!

The right tools and some dedication are all that’s needed to achieve your desired results and we cannot wait for you to experience the difference personal training sessions can make. Browse our many fitness promotions below and make the decision to start personal training today!

Over 20% off with our One-on-One Intro Package:

– Two 1 hr. Personal Training Sessions

– Two 1/2 hr. Personal Training Sessions

– One nutrition accountability session

– One flexibility session

– Expires 30 days from first session, only $225!

We, at Intelligent Fitness, believe in cultivating the necessary habits in our clients that will lead to them living a life far better than they ever imagined. If you have struggled with weight loss in the past or you simply want to learn more about fitness, nutrition and proper exercise forms, this promotion was designed with you in mind. Get the fundamentals you need to lay the proper foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Intelligent Fitness can help you reach your goals when you purchase an Introductory Fitness Package today!


Over 20% OFF Our Small Group Introductory Package:

– One, 1 hr. Personal Training Session to determine the best starting point for you

– Three Small Group Training Sessions that can be used anytime during the 30 days

– Your first month will focus on improving Strength, Nutrition, and Flexibility

– Expires 30 days from your first session. Save over 20% with our limited-time price of $130!

This entire program is based around helping you reach your health & fitness goals while being surrounded by an encouraging, motivating, and inspiring group of individuals. Our group size does not exceed 4 people and we are more than willing to schedule private sessions for you and a group of your friends! To get started with our Small Group Training, contact us and we will get a free consultation scheduled. We look forward to working together as a team to drive the results you want and need.

Check back soon to see what other personal fitness promotions we are offering to our clients! We look forward to helping you change yourself for the better both inside and out!