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Education & Certifications

  • BA in Exercise Science

  • Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM

  • Group Exercise Instructor, ACSM


My love of fitness started at a young age when my grandpa bought a bunch of magazine subscriptions for my family as a Christmas gift. One of those was Fitness Magazine, and I would read them cover to cover. They often had ads to become a personal trainer and I knew one day I wanted to become a Fitness Trainer. Little did I know that most of those trainer certifications were not serious organizations yet looking back on it, those were the seeds.


Sadly I forgot about wanting to become a trainer as I started at Malone studying business. Two years later I hated what I was doing and made the switch to Exercise Science and back to the dream of being a Trainer. After running track for 4 years on a scholarship at Malone my doctor said "stop running immediately.” It took a few weeks of pain to make me realize running wasn’t fun anymore and I was hurting my body. The months after I stopped running were rough. I was lost as all I knew was running to stay in shape. I went around this way for half a year before I was offered a job teaching spin classes. Group Exercise was one class at Malone I didn't take too seriously. I knew I was going to be a Fitness Trainer and I had zero interest in group exercise yet my first real job out of college was on a bike. Every day I taught at the same time when one year prior I would be running. That void was filled with cheering on others. To this day I've taught over 650 classes and hopefully will teach more, and maybe one day I'll teach you.


My goal as a Trainer is to make fitness and nutrition; simple, fun, and exciting. I believe exercising and simple clean eating is truly the best way to living a healthy life. It doesn’t have to be complicated and I try my best to make it something that you will want to pursue for life.

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