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Education & Certifications

  • B.A. in both Anthropology and French

  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • Private Chef since 2014

  • Distance runner for 22 years:

    • 6 ultra marathons

    • 14 marathons

    • 20+ half marathons

Intelligent Fitness Gym

I used to think that I had to punish myself. I would restrict calories and eat dry, bland food. I would punish myself by working out incessantly to burn any calories I let myself have. I would set unrealistic goals that I couldn't meet... then criticize myself for not achieving them. It was a vicious circle.
It wasn't until I shifted my perspective about what the role of food, eating, and nourishment all play in my life that I was able to "exit" the vicious cycle.
There is so much "conventional knowledge" that is not only circulated throughout the media and health industry that it can blind us to one simple truth: deprivation and restriction are not healthy. When the power of food is harnessed as nourishment, as fuel, as energy-giving, then it becomes a positive rather than a negative.
Embracing your own kitchen and food habits means you embrace the concept that health is yours to make for you. You're in charge of your choices, your habits, your snacking, your ingredients, everything. 
Time spent in the kitchen is NEVER WASTED. Making and sharing and enjoying nurturing meals is a genuine investment in our overall wellness. Respecting what we eat, how we eat, and what the foods we eat do for us is respecting ourselves. 
I also now embrace my passion for running as just that: a passion. Rather than perceiving exercise as punishment, it is now one of the most valuable parts of my day. Running is that special journey I take for myself every single day, the zone in which I am working on something just for me that empowers me and allows me to channel my competitive nature and inner drive into something that brings me such peace and self-satisfaction. Over the years, I have developed a similar passion for strength training, particularly after having my three children. Being stronger in mind and body is an evolving process that I crave and I love to share with others.
These mindset shifts have been the key factors for me to finally work healthfully towards- and KEEP - my goals. 
Your journey with food and eating habits and healthy exercise most likely differs from mine. However, the loving point here is that by taking food preparation into your own hands, we take the power back. By making our physical activity intentional and purposeful, we become strong for the long term. One meal, one day, one workout at a time.
Being intentionally well, even if that means gradual, tiny steps over long periods of time is where wellness becomes a lifestyle, not a quick fix. One of the biggest benefits for ME as a nutrition coach and personal trainer is the regular interaction with clients, witnessing, and being a part of their process of positive change and transformation.

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