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Intelligent Fitness Personal Training Guides You to a Life of


...Regardless of Your Starting Point!
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Intelligent Fitness is a unique hybrid boutique training facility.  We promise to meet you where you are both figuratively and literally.  Wherever your physical starting point is, we will guide you to be strong and healthy while working towards your goals one workout at a time.  We will also meet you wherever you need us.  Whether it's a full service in person one on one fitness trainer managing everything you need or a virtual trainer so you can train at home.  Maybe as a private access workout facility rather than a crowded gym or On Demand programming to do when you are able, anywhere you are in the world.  We offer one on one personal training, fitness classes, specialty services and a variety of ways to improve your overall health and wellness allowing you and your trainer to make a plan that is best for you.  We can help, contact us and let us take some of the confusion out of health, wellness, & exercise.  



We know…medical fitness can sound scary or even boring! However, medical fitness is so much more than chair exercise & water aerobics. It’s everything from knowing how to influence your family history so you stay healthy longer and  prevent injuries before they occur with safe, quality, research backed exercise.  All the way to the other end of the spectrum of helping you return to exercise after an injury, a cardiac episode, or even cancer. We know what you can do safely so you can progress and feel good and we have an arsenal of medical professionals we trust and refer to, who trust us back.  It’s ultimately making sure you are in good hands. 


If you have a referral from your doctor for our medical fitness services, please be sure to contact us below to schedule a free Initial Consultation so we can assess your needs and get you on the right path to a healthier you!



Leading a life of exceptional health and wellness isn’t easy!  Whether it’s knowing if your workouts are effective for your goals or knowing the right questions to ask your doctor at your next appointment.  We know most individuals are busy taking care of others - whether at work or home - so let us take care of you for a while.  WE focus on you, so YOU can focus on the rest of your life! 


People are willing to try crazy gimmicks for a short period of time thinking that it’s going to work “this time”, because everyone thinks “this time” they will have the motivation they need, when in reality it rarely works.  Intelligent Fitness is not about gimmicks, or contests, or some prize to lure you in.  We want to find what works for you, at your individual starting point, and then help you progress to a life you didn’t know you could have.  You don’t need motivation, you already have that.  You need our Team who will help you every step of the way in your goals to achieve a healthier you!  When you are ready to change or to learn how to change, we are here for you!



It doesn’t matter how many accountability partners you have or what diet anyone says will help you lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks, your body can only change and adapt at a certain rate. Too fast is an illusion, and unfortunately is not sustainable long term.  Our Trainers are here to tell you the truth.  Because no one likes to hear “flat abs in 2 years” or “lose those last 20 lbs in a mere 5 months!”  But, the good news is that our Team is here to give you real hope.  They won’t tell you something that can’t happen just to have you sign on the dotted line.  You’ll actually talk with them to figure out a plan that works for you with ALL of the various obstacles you may have. They will work with you from a place of generosity because they love their job and their clients.  It’s often a lengthy journey, but instead of trying to make it shorter and ultimately not a long-term change, my trainers are busy doing the work & the research & taking the time to get you there and help keep you there.  

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