michael_woodward_galleryHere at Intelligent Fitness, parents have the opportunity to give their children a chance to create lifelong healthy habits at an early age through our personal trainer programs. It becomes much harder to change unhealthy habits after years of doing them, so our goal is to help the next generation gain healthy habits from the start with certified personal training.

Youth certified personal training can begin at 8 years of age and can progress through their early teens. With age appropriate exercises in a fun atmosphere, your child will grow strong both physically and mentally. Our youth personal fitness program teaches the importance of nutrition, exercise, self-satisfaction, and how to properly deal with stress. At Intelligent Fitness, we understand that not every child plays a sport or has the interest to be an athlete. Instead, our private fitness training focuses on promoting overall strength and health rather than sport-specific training. Above all else, we also uphold family values, so we also offer parents the ability to exercise with their child at no additional charge.

For more information on our Youth Training and our other personal trainer programs, please feel free to call us at 330-806-0192 or sign up for a Free Initial Consultation on our site.

Our Session Types:

• ½ hour session, $45
• 1 hour, $65
• 1 hour 2 person session, youth pricing only, $80

*Remember, parents can workout on their own at Intelligent Fitness when their kids are training, at no additional cost.