1. Meet Erin!

    I am the youngest of three girls and can remember growing up always admiring my sister's in the various sports they played. My parents always let us try any sport we wanted to as long as we tried our best and finished out the season. No quitting! After numerous attempts at softball, gymnastics, and basketball, I began playing soccer at 9 years old. I can remember finally falling in love with a spo…Read More

  2. Should You Stretch?

    Have you read in a popular magazine or Internet article recently that stretching is not good for you because it decreases performance or doesn’t reduce injury risk, and thought to yourself, “Should I stop stretching?” If you’re a regular client at Intelligent Fitness, you’ll come to understand quickly that stretching and Range of Motion (ROM) exercises are very prominent here, and differ…Read More

  3. Form Fixes for All Runners

    “A strong butt is the key to a happy life.” That’s an odd quote to live by, but to run by, there may be nothing so true. The gluteal muscles are the powerhouse of every runner, or at least they should be. When a runner’s glutes don’t do their job, everything else will eventually fall apart. Lately in the runner’s world we have been hearing lots about foot strike – mid-foot, forefoot,…Read More