1. What Did Those Gator’s Start Back in 1965??

    By Tyler Murphy, BEd, CPT, and in need of a Sports Drink! Do you remember the old Gatorade commercials featuring Michael Jordan running up and down the court, throwing down huge jams, and profusely sweating out the lime green color of Gatorade as he played. That was back in 1991, launching Gatorade into the company that it is today, even though it was invented back in 1965 by the medical staff at …Read More

  2. The Boys & Girls of Summer!

    By: Tyler Murphy, BEd., CPT & former boy of summer! Even though it may not look like it outside with all the wind and snow, summer is fast approaching for youth athletes. Summer is a key time for training for young athletes looking to improve their performance and fitness for the next season. Preparing for training is just as important as the training itself. This article will discuss several …Read More

  3. 5 Tips for a Better Running Season!

    By Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMSC & runner-extraordinaire! Pick a Goal Race.  If you’re lacking motivation to keep running, put a race on your calendar that you can look forward to doing. For myself, if I don’t have something that I’m training for, I lose focus with my workouts and don’t stay as scheduled with my training. If you really want to be a better runner, then plan and train …Read More

  4. Concorde Therapy Group & Intelligent Fitness, LLC Announce A Partnership

    Press Release: NORTH CANTON and CANTON OH, Concorde Therapy Group and Intelligent Fitness, LLC today announced a partnership for their patient and client services and Sports Enhancement program. Intelligent Fitness, a personal training facility and Concorde Therapy Group a private physical therapy group have joined forces to provide greater care and improved health for their clients, athletes and …Read More