1. pre workout nutrition

    Nutrition Matters: Fueling Up Before Your Small Group Training Class

    Getting off of the couch and getting active is half the battle, but what you put into your body is the other half of the battle. After all, it requires some extent of energy just to get to our North Canton gym in the first place, let alone the energy it takes to burn off all of those calories. So, what you eat before and after a workout is really important. By fueling your fitness experience with …Read More

  2. small group training benefits

    Benefits Of Small Group Training Classes

    You’ve heard the cliché before: life is a journey, not a destination. As generic as that sounds, it’s true! Well, fitness is no different. Becoming fit is an ongoing process that incorporates nearly all aspects of your life, requiring immense levels of dedication and discipline. Now, at the same time, getting in great shape is also one of the single most rewarding experiences there is. Everyo…Read More