1. Get in Touch with Massage Therapy’s Benefits

    By Kylie Thompson BA, CPT & Future Licensed Massage Therapist! What can be better than a really good massage? Massage therapy has to be one of life’s unspoken, but most luxurious pleasures, right up there with the perfect cup of tea. Ok, maybe you like coffee, but you get the idea. Massage therapy has been a part of major medicine for centuries and it’s easy to understand why; it feels gre…Read More

  2. Optimize Your Sleep: Leave the Light Off

    By: Kylie Thompson, BS, CPT What do you do before you go to bed? Most often, I find the answer revolves around checking email, mindlessly scrolling on social media, and watching television. This late night screen time could be costing you a great night's sleep. The culprit causing your sleep to suffer may be the blue light emitted from the device you are using to read this article. In order to und…Read More