1. Why Our Personal Fitness Program Offers Corrective Exercise

    Fitness and personal training are some of the best, healthiest, and hard-earned ways to spend your time. That being said, getting in shape isn’t just for those who have properly functioning muscles or a normal range of motion - many people come into a personal training gym after getting into some sort of accident, or they might have a condition that limits the use of their muscles. While you’r…Read More

  2. Please, Don’t Workout This Year!

    "Do you know the difference between training and working out? Training is when you have a progressive plan with measurable goals and continual challenges. Working out is anything that makes you sweaty and tired but not necessarily better because it lacks consistency, direction and specificity." ~ Nick Tumminelo   I couldn’t say it better myself!   This thought applies not only to athletes, bu…Read More

  3. Should You Stretch?

    Have you read in a popular magazine or Internet article recently that stretching is not good for you because it decreases performance or doesn’t reduce injury risk, and thought to yourself, “Should I stop stretching?” If you’re a regular client at Intelligent Fitness, you’ll come to understand quickly that stretching and Range of Motion (ROM) exercises are very prominent here, and differ…Read More

  4. How Well Do You Move? An overview of the FMS

    Almost all of us live in a state a dysfunction. Even those people who seem like they are the most fit can have some level of movement dysfunction. The majority of the time it goes unnoticed until an injury occurs or a pain point develops. And then we wonder, “What went wrong?” So often in the past we’ve just treated the pain, not the cause. So why are we living in dysfunction and what can be…Read More

  5. Different Results

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results each time.” ~Albert Einstein Many of you come to us and you want to lose weight, or you don’t want to gain over the holidays, or you want to change your diet. You’ve said it out loud, so it’s going to happen…. Right? We get excited and think, “Maybe this is the time they will change!” So we give you t…Read More

  6. Form Fixes for All Runners

    “A strong butt is the key to a happy life.” That’s an odd quote to live by, but to run by, there may be nothing so true. The gluteal muscles are the powerhouse of every runner, or at least they should be. When a runner’s glutes don’t do their job, everything else will eventually fall apart. Lately in the runner’s world we have been hearing lots about foot strike – mid-foot, forefoot,…Read More