1. The Benefits of HIIT Exercises With Your Personal Trainer

    You may have heard about the ‘HIIT’ method when it comes to vigorously exercising and getting in shape, but what does it mean, and how can it benefit your fitness training? No, ‘HIIT’ doesn’t refer to actually hitting things as a means of workout (though we suppose that using a punching bag could be beneficial), but we’ll get into the nuances and benefits of HIIT exercises a little fur…Read More

  2. A Good Fitness Professional Will Emphasize The Importance of Stretching

    When it comes to exercise and getting in better shape, strength training, muscle building and cardiovascular endurance often get the most attention. But what about flexibility? Yes, we’re talking about stretching. If you’re already a fitness junkie, then you’re probably quite familiar with the overall importance of stretching, but if not, then we strongly recommend checking out this useful i…Read More

  3. Why You Should Go To Our Summer Sports Training Program

    Summer is just around the corner. You’re excited to spend quality time out in the sun, throwing on your ultra-cushioned trainers and hitting the pavement, burning each calorie one by one. At Intelligent Fitness Personal Training, we assure you that we’re just as excited for summer sports as you are. However, our certified personal trainers want to make sure that you’re entering the most acti…Read More

  4. How Certified Personal Training Helps You Reduce Stress

    Stress is something that plagues all of us. Whether your stress is in the form of aching tension in your muscles, mental exhaustion from work, or road rage from your less-than-ideal commute, stress takes many forms that can significantly lower your quality of life. What you may or may not know is that exercise in the form of certified personal training can help you greatly reduce your levels of st…Read More

  5. Our Pursuit of Happiness

    Imagine this- You’d rather wear athletic wear than business casual any day, you’d prefer to use a barbell instead of a keyboard, and you’d rather help others achieve happiness through health and wellness than waste away another day behind the blaze of a computer screen. At Intelligent Fitness, we know these signs as the beginnings of own our desires to become certified personal trainers. Thi…Read More