1. A Quick Look at Hormones & Gut Health

    A Quick Look At Hormones & Gut Health By: Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMSC Ah… the great topic of hormones! When you think of hormones, things such as mood swings, weight gain, puberty, menopause, or stress might come to mind. These are all very real effects of hormones working in the body. Hormones are a necessary part of your body’s total functioning. Without them you wouldn’t survive. A…Read More

  2. Antioxidants and Why You Need More of Them

    By: Philip Palmer BA, CPT, GEI As you walk through the grocery store and pass aisle upon aisle of food you might recall past conversations where those foods came up. Some of these conversations might have been educational or noteworthy like when someone might comment “oh you should eat that because it has….” while others might have been more of a warning like “you shouldn't eat that becaus…Read More

  3. Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

    Learn why Trainer Melanie Neading is adding lemons to her water... When life gives you lemons, drink them in your water! As Trainers, we are always talking about the benefits of water. Especially during the warm summer months, water is essential to stay hydrated. You may not always want to drink as much as you should, so try adding lemon, if you haven’t already. If you aren’t crazy about the l…Read More

  4. pre workout nutrition

    Nutrition Matters: Fueling Up Before Your Small Group Training Class

    Getting off of the couch and getting active is half the battle, but what you put into your body is the other half of the battle. After all, it requires some extent of energy just to get to our North Canton gym in the first place, let alone the energy it takes to burn off all of those calories. So, what you eat before and after a workout is really important. By fueling your fitness experience with …Read More

  5. What Did Those Gator’s Start Back in 1965??

    By Tyler Murphy, BEd, CPT, and in need of a Sports Drink! Do you remember the old Gatorade commercials featuring Michael Jordan running up and down the court, throwing down huge jams, and profusely sweating out the lime green color of Gatorade as he played. That was back in 1991, launching Gatorade into the company that it is today, even though it was invented back in 1965 by the medical staff at …Read More

  6. I Earned It!

    By Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMSC I earned it. I deserve it. It’s my reward. One more rep, one more mile, one more minute and it’s mine. That scoop of ice cream, piece of pie, plate of cookies, bag of chips, or bottle of ice-cold soda is rightfully yours. Who’s to say you don’t deserve it? At least that’s what the Coca-Cola company is trying to push at us these days. They would whole-hea…Read More

  7. The Essentials Of Water

    by Shelley Rosenberg, BA, CPT, PN1 I know this time of year is hard for most people to ingest water with such cold temperatures. However, fluid balance is essential for optimal functioning and health. Here are a few reasons why: 60% of our body is water. This fact alone should explain the importance of drinking water. Fluid balance is just like energy balance (food in vs food out), water in versus…Read More

  8. Hannah’s Chicken Noodle Soup

    With the change in weather, soup has been on the menu in my kitchen. I’ve been busy making chili, ham and bean, and the all-time comfort food: chicken noodle soup. Full of veggies, whole grain noodles and a good portion of protein, chicken noodle soup can be a healthy, simple and delicious meal. It can be made even better when you use your own stock or broth, so the next time you have chicken fo…Read More

  9. Damage Control for the Holidays

    by Danielle Wirick, MS, CSCS, FMSC & probably eating too much as you read this! The holidays are here and chances are you’re eating high calorie and sugar laden food! Here are a few tips for how to control the damage of the holidays and to be able to jump right back on track to healthier eating. Too much sugar? First, get rid of the sugary foods in your house -right now! Then go heavy on th…Read More

  10. Dashing Through the Holidays!

    by Shelley Miller, BA, CPT, PN1 & meal planning maniac Many people have a love/hate relationship with holidays. They are filled with fun, family, and food. On average, a person gains 1-2 pounds over a holiday and those 1-2 pounds are often hard to get back off. In efforts to avoid weight gain this holiday season, here are a few tips to make these times more enjoyable! Plan out your menu with p…Read More