1. Fueling Your Workout

    By Melanie Neading, Personal Trainer, Runner & Food Re-fueler! You wouldn't take a road trip without any gas in your tank.  If you did, you certainly wouldn't question why your car stopped running if the tank was empty before your trip.  Your body is just like your car; it must have proper fuel in order to function the way you want it to.  Before you hit the treadmill and weights, before yo…Read More

  2. Living Skeletons

    As a kid, I didn't believe that my bones were anything more than hard sticks and weird shapes that held my body frame together. Bones were the foundation of the body, like building blocks, I thought, that only served to hold me upright, otherwise I'd be a heap of skin and muscles on the floor. It wasn't until I broke my arm at the age of ten that I instantly realized that bones are another living,…Read More