1. What Did Those Gator’s Start Back in 1965??

    By Tyler Murphy, BEd, CPT, and in need of a Sports Drink! Do you remember the old Gatorade commercials featuring Michael Jordan running up and down the court, throwing down huge jams, and profusely sweating out the lime green color of Gatorade as he played. That was back in 1991, launching Gatorade into the company that it is today, even though it was invented back in 1965 by the medical staff at …Read More

  2. I Earned It!

    By Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMSC I earned it. I deserve it. It’s my reward. One more rep, one more mile, one more minute and it’s mine. That scoop of ice cream, piece of pie, plate of cookies, bag of chips, or bottle of ice-cold soda is rightfully yours. Who’s to say you don’t deserve it? At least that’s what the Coca-Cola company is trying to push at us these days. They would whole-hea…Read More

  3. Dieting vs. Lifestyle: What’s the Difference?

    by Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMSC You’ve no doubt heard the ominous statistic: Two-thirds of people who lose weight gain even more weight back within 4 or 5 years. That in itself is enough to discourage even the most determined among us. What’s the answer? What is the secret to not only losing weight but keeping it off? The good news is that you do not have to be one of the statistics. You can…Read More

  4. Mirroring

    By Danielle Wirick, MS, CSCS, FMSC Have you ever been to an exercise class and had the instructor scratch her head and you instinctively scratch your head too? When you see two women talking at lunch and you think that the events being discussed have happened to both of them because their facial expressions, emotions and gestures mimic each other. Have you ever been watching football and when ther…Read More

  5. The Essentials Of Water

    by Shelley Rosenberg, BA, CPT, PN1 I know this time of year is hard for most people to ingest water with such cold temperatures. However, fluid balance is essential for optimal functioning and health. Here are a few reasons why: 60% of our body is water. This fact alone should explain the importance of drinking water. Fluid balance is just like energy balance (food in vs food out), water in versus…Read More

  6. Pumpkin Season Is Here!

    Fall has arrived and so have the pumpkins - in a variety of ways. Before you reach for your next pumpkin spice latte (I'll be sharing some healthier options, so keep reading!), realize that pumpkins have many more benefits than simply flavoring a specialty drink or decorating your front porch. Along with making tasty dishes, pumpkins are a great source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, potassium and…Read More