1. What Level Are You?

    By Melanie Neading, BS & a "3"More than likely, one of your recent training appointments began with your trainer holding a board in one hand and a pole in the other announcing your training is going to begin with a screening.  As you moved through your screening the initial panic probably wore off and you realized it really wasn't that bad!  So what EXACTLY was that all about???  A test to…Read More

  2. How Well Do You Move? An overview of the FMS

    Almost all of us live in a state a dysfunction. Even those people who seem like they are the most fit can have some level of movement dysfunction. The majority of the time it goes unnoticed until an injury occurs or a pain point develops. And then we wonder, “What went wrong?” So often in the past we’ve just treated the pain, not the cause. So why are we living in dysfunction and what can be…Read More