1. Positive Mind, Positive Life, Positive Results

    By: Alexandria Spencer, CF-L1 My name is Alexandria Spencer. Most people call me Dria! I’m known around the gym as the “bodybuilder girl,” the one that does hard workouts or just plain Dria. I grew up in Louisville, Ohio. I am currently a senior at Malone University studying Exercise Science. Beyond Intelligent Fitness, I am a crossfit coach at two crossfit gyms, a youth leader at my church…Read More

  2. The Boys & Girls of Summer!

    By: Tyler Murphy, BEd., CPT & former boy of summer! Even though it may not look like it outside with all the wind and snow, summer is fast approaching for youth athletes. Summer is a key time for training for young athletes looking to improve their performance and fitness for the next season. Preparing for training is just as important as the training itself. This article will discuss several …Read More