It’s all too relatable for many people. You have a great summer full of sunshine and adventure, hiking trails and conquering PRs, eventually reaching the point where you find comfort from the crunching of the leaves and beautiful changing colors of the fall. Yet, despite your commitment to fitness and enjoyment of the outdoors, you know deep down that winter is just around the corner. Sure enough, the holidays come around, and your workouts don’t feel as fluid as they were in the summer and fall. As the snow falls and the darkness prevails, it’s all too easy to feel lazy and stay indoors.

Your Private Fitness Trainer Offers Tips To Stay On Track This Winter

In light of the high-calorie comfort foods and weather-bound excuses, our Greentown and North Canton personal trainers are here to keep you moving and motivated. Below, our private fitness trainers are going to cover some ways to stay on track and continue the momentum that you’ve worked hard to build up over the summer. If you’re still searching for the right “personal trainer near me,” know that you have a personal trainer connection here in Greentown and North Canton. Learn more about the best certified personal trainer program in Ohio by getting in touch with Intelligent Fitness Personal Training today!

Keep Specific Goals In Mind

One of the best ways to stay motivated and train throughout the winter is to set a short-term winter training goal, helping you build or maintain momentum that carries into the spring and summer. If your goal is to lose a little bit of weight or even to hold your current weight, it’s important to set a realistic goal that will give you something to work toward. If you’re motivated by financial commitments, then consider joining a gym or paying for a personal trainer in North Canton. You could even register for a race; then you’ll have a set date to train up to and work toward.

Train With a Partner

Exercising with a dedicated workout buddy is a great way to foster accountability. Really, there’s extra motivation to be gained from the knowledge that someone is waiting for you to train or attend a class together. This is sure to help you stick to your fitness plans, even in the dead of mid-winter when it’s freezing out and Seasonal Affective Disorder (accurately abbreviated as “SAD”) is in full effect. Working out with a partner can add some friendly competition to the fitness dynamic, and it’s also an opportunity to catch up and decompress after a long day at work.

Avoid Negativity, Embrace Positivity

Surrounding yourself with the “naysayers” isn’t going to do you any favors. If you’re looking to genuinely improve your health and get stronger, who and what you surround yourself with matters. Now is not the time to relax your habits just because others are. Just as it’s important to have a dedicated training partner, it’s also key to surround yourself with fellow positive, motivated individuals. If you’ve never experienced the small group training dynamic, it’s a perfect example of people motivating each other with common goals in mind. Check it out here.

Maximize Those Short Winter Days

There might be less sun in the day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine brightly. From choosing to take the stairs at work to pacing around during an important phone call, every calorie you burn matters. If taking shortcuts to being active at work isn’t an option, make it a point to hit the gym before or after work. Running on the “dreadmill” is hardly a preferred solution for most people, but cold, snowy weather is no excuse to forgo your workout. Personal training gyms in North Canton and Greentown are surprisingly affordable; here’s another shameless plug for our training memberships.

Have a Professional Trainer Coach You Along The Way

The best way to ensure that you’re exercising safely and effectively is to work with one of our certified personal trainers. When it comes to staying motivated, you really can’t go wrong with the expertise of private fitness trainer in Greentown and North Canton – it’s not only our passion, but our job as well! Learn more about personal training sessions in North Canton Ohio and the surrounding area by contacting the team at Intelligent Fitness Personal Training.

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