What’s the most difficult part about exercising and getting in shape? Is it enduring the teeth-gritting burn during the heat of an intense interval workout, or coping with the muscle soreness afterward? Is it struggling to find a personal fitness trainer that you actually enjoy training with? Perhaps your alarm goes off early in the morning and you struggle to do anything other than hitting the snooze button multiple times.

The truth is, everyone’s challenges with exercise and fitness are unique and different. While you probably aren’t the only human in history who’s experienced various struggles and setbacks when it comes to exercise — in fact, most people have at one point or another — there are many variables and factors that make your experience…well, yours.

We Put The “Personal” In Personal Fitness Training

We’ve all seen the term “personal training” many times, and we understand what that means. However, this term has become rather diluted over time as many people don’t seem to be acknowledging the “personal” aspect of fitness training. Is it enough to work one-on-one with someone when the trainer in question doesn’t know much about who they’re working with? In our professional opinion, absolutely not.

At Intelligent Fitness Personal Training, our goal is to work with our clients in a way that not only leads them to success and personal fulfillment, but also motivates them internally. Let’s be realistic. You don’t want a personal trainer like Brad Pitt’s character in Burn After Reading. You also don’t want someone who’s just going to stand next to you and yell at you the entire time. How is that genuinely motivating? To really engage yourself with your own quest for fitness, the personal trainer working alongside you must get to know you, your body, your fitness background, what your goals are, and how to safely get you there. This is the “personal” part of personal trainers.

Why We Can’t Underemphasize The Importance Of Motivation

Motivation is a core concept that serves as the basis for why humans do what they do. Providing the energy and the willpower to execute a task or to get started on something, harnessing your internal motivation and applying it to your fitness endeavors (with the help of our personal trainers in Greentown!) will help produce great results. Consider the following key aspects of good exercise motivation:

Holding Yourself Accountable

This is, perhaps, one of the most notable benefits of working with one of our certified personal trainers in Greentown. Guilt shouldn’t necessarily be a primary motivating factor, but you’re much more likely to commit to working out when you have a personal trainer waiting for you at the gym. When you’re doing everything on your own and there’s no one to tell you to get up and get moving, it’s so much easier to just say “This can wait; I don’t need to exercise today. It’s no big deal.”

Additionally, knowing that you’ve spent money on personal training services keeps you committed. Who wants to waste money? No one.

Enjoying Dynamic, Fresh Workouts

If you’ve found yourself doing the same exercise routine day in and day out, then you’re bound to get burnt out in no time. That’s no way to get in shape. Ideally, your workouts should be new and varied, constantly challenging your body while also stimulating your brain. Without the proper knowledge or background to create challenging workouts that are also fun, it’s easy to dread the experience as something that’s painfully boring. One of our certified personal trainers in Greentown will help you through different workouts each week that you’ll actually be excited about tackling.

Setting Realistic Goals And Acknowledging Your Progress

Getting in shape takes a great deal of time, no matter how hard you’re working or how hard you’re exercising. That’s just how it works; if it was easy, then wouldn’t everyone be in extremely good shape? All too often, people set unrealistic goals that take far longer to achieve than they give themselves time for. It’s important to acknowledge the little things — a step in the right direction may only be a step, but hey, it’s a step forward!

Get Motivated With Our Personal Trainers In Greentown

At Intelligent Fitness Personal Training, we lift up our clients by encouraging and motivating them to be the best possible person. With a healthy and scientific approach to personal training services, we’re proud to transform the lives of many. Curious about how we can help you? Get started with our Greentown personal trainers today.

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