Why We Love Our Clients 2020 Edition

You let us have a career we love while working with the most fun & interesting people. (And getting to come to work in workout clothes is a bonus also!) So here are just a few reasons why we love you!

  • COVID - 19 and the IF Bunker - The Governor, #WeMadeItBunker, Boss, The crazy “garage sale” online, What about those workouts!

  • Never lazy... but maybe tired.

  • Your definition of fun is different from mine!

  • That was the only part of my body that was happy... my head!

  • Craigisms…

  • Oh, you mean the fun one!

  • Chick-fil-a breakfasts

  • Working out in scrubs!

  • I love snacks.

  • Ruff

  • I feel like I shouldn’t be shaking.

  • Well I don’t like it.

  • I love the floors at IF.

  • When you’re new, the floors mean a lot. I know I don’t like wood floors and I don’t like carpet floors.

  • I didn’t eat dinner. I didn’t want to chew - it was too much work.

  • My insurance won’t let me leave the building until Jerry does.

  • Josh wants to come see my basement.

  • TSOB: Turtle Stuck On Back

  • Gangly Velocirapt

  • Kettlebells make my nose run.

  • Henry, Georgie, Rufus, and the one who started it all… Buster (RIP, Buster)

  • Notes left on the counter for us.

  • He Man Club

  • Curls for the Girls

  • Trainer: what did you do this weekend? Client: I’m really sore. Trainer: Why? Client: I carried a 4’ high concrete Buddha.

  • The cafeteria has something called Cinderella Chicken. I can’t eat anything with a princess on it.

  • 6 each side to make 32, right?

  • Do you have 1 left shoe?

  • Sloth (Sloth yoga calendar)

  • But that makes it harder.

  • I like the old battery better in your scale!

  • Dang, I just screwed myself over.

  • I did 5 extra reps.

  • I only breathe when I have to.

  • She’s trying to kill me.

  • Oh good, I get to lay down now.

  • Is ham good for anything?

  • I’m paying you now in case I decide not to come.

  • I’m actually thirsty, what’s wrong with me?

  • Oh thank you God, you are not making me do pushups.

  • Just so you know, my glutes are barking.

  • I’m only paying for 2 sets.

  • Is it supposed to burn?

  • Can I just stay down here on the floor?

  • I can actually hear your eyes rolling in your voice.

  • The foam roller never lies!

  • I never should have shot my trainer.

  • Alligator Arms

  • Client sitting and waiting in the chair. “You can do some cardio while you wait!” Client… “I know.” Still. Sitting.

  • Client, “I think it’s my liver.” Me, “where’s your liver?” Client, “I don’t know.”

  • I don’t consider chocolate junk food. I consider it fun food.

  • When I grunted I realized I wasn’t breathing.

  • Letting us live vicariously through your travels

  • Cursing at us (almost!)…. Sugar!

  • Donut Saturday

  • Running your first 5K!!! Then running through the finish line, to your car, and off to deliver a baby?!?

  • Disco Saturday

  • Only missing a workout when you are sick or on vacation – for over a decade! (Now two decades!)

  • I now regularly find myself tightening my glutes and abs during a run. I didn’t even know I had them before, much less how to control them.

  • The “Foam” roller

  • Finally becoming a “Real Client”

  • There is no finish line.

  • Spreadsheets for fruits & veggies

  • The 100 Challenge – twice

  • “Rotation – Rotation is key.”

  • I’ll do whatever you say.

  • Crazy cat ladies

  • You can whine if I can roll my eyes.

  • Stretching…My favorite part. I hate this part. Thinking I took your leg off because your keys popped!

  • Oh no, I think I’m going to pass out!

  • Dedication is…5:00am, 4 workouts a week, 21 years and counting...

  • Coming straight to a workout after a 24 hour shift

  • Just “tweaking” things a little

  • “Honey, I’m home!” Missy!, Little S*!t, Hannah Banana & JoJo, Special K, Professor, Boss

  • In your 70’s and still rockin’ (Now in your 80’s and still going strong!)

  • Goals: “I don’t want to be like my mother.” To stand on my head & make O-H-I-O with my legs. Be Awesome! Stay Alive.

  • “All my bad habits stem from my husband.”

  • Still 2 feet away from touching my toes

  • Workout, spin, zumba, bootcamp, rest & repeat

  • Not crossing midline of your body… yet

  • Hostile takeovers

  • Cutting out sugar & doing a 180 with your diet

  • How’s your water intake been?

  • “Tuck that chin!”

  • Mother/Daughter bribes for the Hunger Games

  • A successful squat

  • Running several half marathons while one year ago you thought a 5k was hard

  • “The burn” of your first lateral walks

  • Fighting the war against Sarcopenia

  • Going all in on incentives…and needing some bandaids because of it

  • And my favorite words as you are leaving… “I feel so much better!”

Thank you for your continued support!

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