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The Purpose Behind Agility Class

Ry Rachel Graber CPT, BA

Do you train agility movements regularly in your workout routine? What do you think of when you hear the term agility? Moving quickly, sports training, high intensity? These are all often elements of agility, but the general definition of agility is the ability to control proper posture while changing speed or changing direction. When we look at the broad definition of agility, notice that it is an important skill for everyone! Think of how many times you have to change direction in daily activities! If you don’t train your body how to change directions with proper control it can often lead to falls and injuries! We don’t want that!

When I design agility as a class, my focus is bigger than just the term ‘agility.’ My goal is to focus on efficiency and effectiveness of movement patterns. This means first teaching the proper movement patterns to change speed or direction with control and safety, then challenging those abilities with max speed and explosive speed.

This class incorporates many aspects of movement from agility, speed, quickness, power, coordination, balance, and core! All of these skills are put together in this class to train your ability to move effectively, rooted in the goal of increasing the ability to change speed and direction!

Agility is a very important aspect of training for athletic performance and injury prevention, HOWEVER, do not neglect it if you are a person who doesn’t play sports or you don’t think you are ‘athletic’ enough. Proper agility training has many benefits to preventing injuries in daily movement, as well as, improving movement patterns. Your ability to move with agility will increase as you train that skill!

Agility class is an advanced class here at IF, so you may not be ready to take the agility class, but start by incorporating agility into your training. It is important to start at the appropriate level and to not attempt more advanced movement patterns than your body can currently handle if you are currently working through an injury, medical condition, or movement limitation that would prevent you from moving safely in a certain exercise. Ask your trainer how you can safely start improving your ability to change direction and speeds, or if you aren’t working with any trainer regularly, try signing up for a training session with me to focus on agility movement patterns and how to incorporate agility in your routine.

For those of you who have been doing classes regularly and have no movement limitations, I encourage you to add our Agility Class (click here to schedule for a class) to your routine! Don’t worry if you are nervous about getting started. I am always ready to give modifications when needed if you are not ready for one of the more advanced movements. This class is a fun challenge and will help you improve all of the skills I have mentioned. Sign up today and take your fitness journey to the next level!

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