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How to Troubleshoot Myzone

1. Why won’t my MyZone connect?

Low blood pressure, dry skin, and low heart rate make it hard for the belt to pick up your heart rate. Try adding a little water or ultrasound gel and just start working out. As you work, your heart rate and blood pressure will increase and the gel will make a better conduction so you should pick up.

2. When do I charge my fob?

Don’t overcharge your fob… Wait until it gets to about 20% before charging or the battery life will decrease. You will get a notification on the app when your battery is below 20%. If you want to check your battery level, you can find it in the 'workout’ section in the app, listed on the bottom of the display screen.

3. How can I prevent my battery from draining?

Don’t leave the fob attached by both sides on the belt when you are NOT working out. This will drain the battery quickly and it may not be ready to go when you are!

4. How do I “turn on” my Myzone?

The chest strap will turn on automatically, and if it is having trouble, review questions #1. The wrist strap is turned on with a myzone button on the fob.

5. I tried the traditional tricks to get my Myzone to connect and it's still not working. What can I do?

If you are unable to get your heart rate to pick up on any device, no matter what you do, try moving the strap and fob slightly to the left, therefore closer to the heart. In general, make sure your setup is correct as well.

6. Can I use the Myzone with other bluetooth devices?

If you have another bluetooth device on you, it may interfere with the app. Devices such as hearing aids, etc.

7. Why is my heart rate not displayed on the TV?

If you can’t see your heart rate on our TV at all, you may be out of range. If you are in a corner, over by our retail, lying on your stomach or in a bathroom you will probably lose the casting to the TV. But it’s still registering on your fob and will come back on the TV when you are in range.

Also, the belt prefers to only “cast” to one place at a time for you to see… the TV at IF, your phone or even our cardio equipment. You may see it in multiple places, but it may go in and out as it fights to choose one place to cast. But… it’s just casting. Your actual heart rate, MEPS, etc. will upload based on the data on the fob, not exactly what was cast to the screen.

8. How do I learn more about the MyZone system?

Just ask! Google is a great place to ask questions on your MyZone and to look up information when we aren’t around! So is the website (here you can also put in a support question.) You can also ask your Trainer anytime you are at IF and they are more than happy to help you find the answer to your question!

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