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Getting Familiar with your Myzone! - Myzone Care & Use Tips

By Rachel Graber, BA, CPT

Here at Intelligent Fitness we make great use of the Myzone belt as a tool to help monitor heart rate. Whether you are a regular Myzone user or you are interested in trying Myzone out for the first time, here are a few tips to keep in mind for care and use of your Myzone!

Myzone Setup: To prepare your Myzone for a workout, be sure that your black fob is attached by both snaps on the red strap. You will next place the Myzone belt around your chest with the black fob on the front side of the body, positioned directly above the sternum. For women, you can think of the belt sitting about at the band of your sports bra. Be sure that the Myzone belt is either under or below the band so that it is in contact with the skin.

Connecting the MyZone to the Monitor: It is normal for the Myzone to take some time to appear on the monitor. This is because the Myzone is designed to track your working heart rate more than your resting heart rate, so the MyZone will not start to pick up your heart monitoring until you get your heart rate up. Get moving and warmed up and your Myzone will soon register your heart rate and appear on the monitor. If you are anxious to see your name up on the monitor, you can also try using the electrode gel that we keep on hand here at IF. Rub this gel on the black tabs on the inside of your belt to help the sensor start to pick up your heart rate sooner.

MyZone Beeps. After you put on your MyZone, it will usually give a few chirps to indicate that it is on and starting to sensor. Don’t be alarmed if it beeps a few times more as you are warming up as it may still be adjusting to sensing your heart rate until you get your heart rate up. Similarly, when you take your belt back off, the MyZone will beep again, 3 times, indicating that it has stopped censoring and turned off.

When to charge the MyZone: When it is time to recharge your MyZone, you will receive a notification telling you the battery has reached below 20%. Beeps do not indicate that the battery is low, they only signal that the belt is either beginning or ending the censoring process.

Cleaning your MyZone: Of course the MyZone gets sweaty and gross quickly from your hard workouts, but the good news is, it is not too hard to clean! Make sure to remove your MyZone fob and simply drop your strap into the washer on the cold water setting or simply wash by hand. However, the strap must not be placed in the dryer at any time, as this will ruin your Myzone strap. Be sure to remove the strap from the washer and let it hang dry. The fob can be wiped down and set in a safe place where it will not be lost while away from its strap.

Motivation: Myzone is a great way to help keep you motivated to stay active! You can challenge yourself by working on increasing your MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) or competing on the Myzone MEPs leaderboard. For more fun and motivation, keep an eye out for our IF Myzone MEPs challenges we run throughout the year!

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