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Get to Know Us!

Learn a little more about each of the Trainers, Instructors & Staff at IF! Each month we will feature a different question so that you can get to know us better!

This month's question: What is your favorite part of your job?

Danielle: Clients… always has been, always will be.

Hannah: I have so enjoyed giving clients a bit more of life…. Whether it’s just feeling better after a workout or stretch, a tip that helps them improve their life in the long run, or simply being a listening ear. There’s so much information out there regarding health & fitness, more than I could ever study, but I love passing on what I can to my clients so that even if it makes a small difference in their life, it has made an impact!

Anna: I love our clients!! They are what make IF such a wonderful place to be, they are like family. I also love the fact that my job changes from day to day, literally! One day I’m working on marketing, the next tech support, finance etc. Anything shy of training I'm on it…and being able to work from home while wrangling my 3 kiddos is a HUGE bonus!

Kylie: Getting to know my clients and their family!

Cierra: Seeing clients reach their goals, as well as my goals for them.

Rachel: My favorite part of being a trainer is helping people to move more effectively and efficiently. I love to see that transformation of awkward or uncomfortable movement patterns develop into strong and powerful mechanics. I also love to help people develop a love for movement.

Abbe: I love the environment. Constantly moving and interacting with people makes working long hours enjoyable.

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