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Get to Know Us! - Find Out Who Inspires Us!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Learn a little more about each of the Trainers, Instructors & Staff at IF! Each month we will feature a different question so that you can get to know us better! This month's question: Do you have a favorite fitness or business related person to follow? Danielle: Oh I have so many… Steve Jobs, anything Disney Business related, Thomas Plummer, Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Robert Lustig, Dave Ramsey, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, there’s more but I’ll stop there.

Hannah: I’ve got a few fitness & health-related people I follow. Just a few examples… Get Mom Strong (pre/postnatal fitness), The Weston A. Price Foundation (traditional food, farming & healing arts), and Rodale Institute (regenerative agriculture movement). Kylie: The people I follow have shaped my career in one way or another - Traci Bennett, James Clear, Helen Vanderburg, Dana Santas, and Ruth Werner are a few off the top of my head.

Rachel: Dr. John Rusin from Pain Free Performance is one of my favorite trainers to follow, but there are a lot of professionals making a great impact that I like to follow to see new ideas and to learn more about how to increase my impact as a trainer.

Abbe: Mind Pump Media is my favorite fitness podcast. They inspired me to become a trainer.

Jen: I do follow a few social media pages that involve fitness, but mainly physical therapy, injury prevention, and varying movement patterns, such as: eurofit360 on Instagram, Flexibilitymobility on Instagram, Soheefit for more nutrition info/body/eating info, Elevate_strength on Instagram for mobility & strength. Denise: Not any person or business in particular, just pages that promote well-being and a healthy lifestyle instead of giving people false hopes when it comes to their fitness goals.

Jaime: I love following Dr. Mark Hyman (especially his "Farmacy" podcast) - He is a functional medicine expert that is constantly shedding light on underlying causes of chronic disease, particularly the role of food in our wellbeing. I also love the thought provoking topics discussed by vegan ultrarunner Rich Roll. I have always loved following Shalane Flanagan as an elite runner, and I love her new career shift into sharing what healthy fueling for athletes and busy people actually looks like. Klay: Joey Swoll is one of my favorite people to follow because he focuses on positivity in the gym environment.

Michelle: My favorite on Instagram Jordan Syatt and “the gym nurse.” Podcast favorites are Jordan Syatt and Mind Pump.

Linda: I follow Yogadaily on Instagram and of course Targetdollarspot. :)

Lori: Kara Goucher and Upworthy

Anna: My main man, and celebrity crush Simon Sinek!!

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