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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Learn a little more about each of the Trainers, Instructors & Staff at IF! Each month we will feature a different question so that you can get to know us better!

This month's question: What’s your favorite exercise or type of exercise?

Danielle: Anaerobic. I’m the one who loves things like burpees and mountain climbers.

Hannah: Running, of course, will always be my favorite, but I've come to appreciate the benefits of all type of exercise.

Anna: I love the heavy weights! My favorite exercise would have to be a KB Swing or Bench Press. I loathe pull-ups, and the TRX!

Kylie: Anything TRX based! You can do just about anything with it, even burpees!

Cierra: Any “functional” type of exercise, and I’m always trying new variations of these. But my favorite pairing at the moment is any variation of a bridge press with a bird dog row. All of my clients know this.

Rachel: Heavy lifting & plyometrics are my favorite styles of training, but there are very few styles that I do not like! A favorite specific exercise is impossible to narrow down, but two of them that come to mind are Barbell Deadlift and Sprinting.

Abbe: I love bodybuilding style training and how it focuses on building a strong mind to muscle connection.

Evan: My favorite exercise is pull-ups, and my favorite type of exercise is plyometrics.

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