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Corrective Exercise Continuum

By Cierra Bloom, ATC, LAT, MS, CES

The entire basis of Corrective Exercise is that our daily lives cause us to present with muscular imbalances and that we can correct those imbalances through stretching and exercise. There are four steps to the Corrective Exercise Continuum that need to be implemented into our daily/weekly routines in order to start working toward correcting these imbalances!

  1. Inhibit - Using myofascial release techniques on tight/overactive areas to reduce muscular tension and soreness and increase circulation

  2. Lengthen - Using various stretching methods to lengthen the tight/overactive muscles which can help improve range of motion and posture and reduce stiffness

  3. Activate - Using isolated activation exercises to target weak/underactive muscles in order to improve muscular endurance and strength

  4. Integrate - Using properly progressed multi-joint dynamic exercises to improve total body coordination, movement patterns, and enhance performance

All in all, Corrective Exercise not only can help you move better, but feel and look better, as well! If you have any questions or want more information on Corrective Exercise, ask Cierra!

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