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Common Exercise Abbreviations

Here is a cheat sheet for many of the abbreviations you will find in our classes here at IF! Refer to this sheet to help you get more acquainted with the shorthand lingo often used to refer to exercises and equipment.

AB = Afterburn

Adv = Advanced

AFAP = as fast as possible

ALT = Alternating sides

AMAN = as many as necessary

AMRAP = As many rounds as possible

ARP = anti-rotation press

As Rxd = as prescribed

AST = Assisted

ATW = around the world

AYOP = At your own pace

BAL = Balanced

BB = Barbell

BP = Bench Press

BSS = Bulgarian Split Squat

BW = Body Weight

CL = Contralateral (load weight on opposite side of primary/working side)

DB = Dumbbell

DBL = Double (both sides)

DEG = Degree

DL = Deadlift

EXER = exercise

EXT = extension

F = foundations

Ft Elev = Feet elevated

HIIT = High intensity interval training

H2L = High to Low

IYOP = In your own place

J = Jump

KB = Kettlebell

L = Left side

LAT = Lateral movement

LIM ROT = Limited Rotation

L2H = Low to High

MB = Medicine Ball

OHP = Overhead press

OHS = Overhead Squat

PP = Push Press

P Press = Pallof Press

POS = Position

Pt = Point

PW = Power Wheel

R = Right side

RAND = Random

RDL = Romanian Deadlift

REG = Regular

REV = Reverse

ROM = Range of Motion

ROT = Rotation movement

SA = Single Arm

SB = Stability ball

SL = Single Leg

SMB = Small Box

SQ = Squat

SS = Split Squat

SUS = Suspension/TRX

S2S = Side to Side

TB = Tall Box

W/ = With

W/O = Workout

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