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Benefits of Small Group Training

By Gary Canam, BS

Small group training has been gaining interest from clients across the country. This type of training offers affordable pricing AND exercise expertise provided by trainers, all while keeping the competitive and fun aspect of a large group. The typical range of participants in a small group is 2-6; having more may hinder the attention provided by the trainer. With this being said, there are plenty of benefits that follow, not only the pricing, but promotion of camaraderie, motivation, adherence, meeting your goals more effectively and leaving you with results.

1. Personal Attention: With small group training, we push towards the one-on-one aspect. With class training, that may be limited with the amount of individuals in attendance. Correction of form will be more important because we only have to take care of 4-6 participants rather than 10-15. As trainers, we are able to still give the service of corrective exercise and manipulation of exercise programming that you typically wouldn't get in a larger group.

2. Camaraderie: You get to develop a mutual trust or friendship among other participants. When working out, it may feel as if you're on your own in the battle of attaining a healthy lifestyle. You're not alone in your fight. Having the camaraderie of others can help you achieve those goals of yours or even more!

3. Motivation: This is a great aspect of small group training! Usually you are paired up with another individual and you can help motivate each other throughout the exercises. Without motivation, it can lead you towards failure and the feeling of obligation. If you are a competitive person, having the ability to measure yourself to others may be what you need. On the other end of the spectrum, you may need that competitive person to encourage you and release you from your comfort zone.

4. Adherence:

Following a fitness program is what’s known as adherence. In the small group setting, it can be easier to stick to a workout program because you have other individuals counting on you to reach your goals, not just your trainer. Common statements can be made from individual to individual such as, “Nice job today, see you next week.” This can be used as fuel to keep you striving towards your goals and to not let the other person who is counting on you down.

5. Meeting Goals & Getting Results: By having the trainer in control of the small group, it allows for specific goals to be met. It gives you the opportunity to see where your fitness level is in comparison to the other individuals in the group, and portrays what you need to work on or what needs improvement. Also, let's touch back on the idea that corrective exercise is implemented into the program -- not just any or all exercises are thrown your way! You can actually include all of the topics above into "meeting goals & getting results" because having the personal attention, camaraderie, motivation from others, and adherence, it can allow you to push yourself towards your goal and enjoy the journey. Yes, you can still cut a few pounds in bigger exercise classes (if that's your goal), but if you're wanting to make specific adjustments in your fitness and wellbeing while still having the feeling of being in a group, small group training may be for you!

If you are interested in small group training at IF, contact us at and we would be happy to get you set up!

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