We’re in the business of changing lives, but not with the cliche 10-week contest or some cookie cutter program that promises to help you fit into your skinny jeans again. We don’t have packages, contracts or before and after pictures. The hallmark of our business is one-on-one training that specializes in medical fitness training. So, we plan our sessions with our clients and work with them to achieve their goals. We progressively and systematically make small changes to your life to enact permanent change. Our goal is to customize your experience for your unique self to set you up for a successful and healthy life. Our personal trainers focus on you and not on fulfilling the parameters of a fitness promotion or other generic tactic that other facilities use. We genuinely care for your health and wellness and will treat you as such. If you have health issues that concern you, injuries on the mend, or lofty goals, Intelligent Fitness is here for you.

Our Session Types:

• ½ hour session, $45
• 1 hour session, $65
• 2 person session, 1 hour, $85
• Flexibility session, $30
• Nutrition Accountability session, ½ hour, $45

*At Intelligent Fitness we invoice our clients for sessions completed at the end of each month. This allows a client and trainer to vary what type of session is best for them at any given time.