Maurice (Reese) Floyd, CPT
Personal Trainer

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Education & Certifications:

  • Certified Personal Trainer , WITS
  • Certified PiYo Live Instructor

Reese’s Story…

My start in fitness honestly began as a crusade to improve my life. I have always had a healthy appetite, early on and now. As a small child my activity levels and my mother’s care kept me in good shape. Then entering my teen years, I had started an unhealthy relationship with food, poor eating choices, and a decline in my activity. Upon going to college I was fearful of the “Freshman Fifteen”, and I would include exercise, but the eating never improved. After becoming ill and losing my college scholarship, my health and weight fluctuated, but no real changes for the better.

After much frustration and contemplation, I decided to work towards a better quality of life at nineteen years old. I did research, changed my eating habits little by little, and started to workout. Through the stress of a past job, and with the routine I had, I went a nudge to far and was underweight. I knew then I needed balance, and wanted to apply my lifestyle towards a career in health and wellness. Through my coursework I gained a better understanding of activity, recovery, and diet.

I had always enjoyed helping people, and strangely enough I also enjoy research and learning. So I felt my approach to being a personal trainer would be different from the drill instructor style seen in the field. I started out working in the one-on-one setting for in home clients and an independent gym. Following my entry in the fitness industry I started working for a larger facility that is part of a national franchise. I appreciated being in both styles of gyms as I gained a good deal of experience and again a deeper insight into balance for an active lifestyle.

Now I have been given this opportunity to grow even further in my knowledge of this profession with Intelligent Fitness. I await to see how I can better help people who want to change their lives as I had done for myself.