Changing lives is a group effort and when we took on the challenge to build the new Intelligent Fitness we realized we can’t do it alone; I need my world-class trainers, my wonderful clients, and supportive family. Just as importantly, I needed our client’s support. Everyone listed below was kind enough to support us financially with a Founding Member Benefits Package and their patience through the entire building process. We hope we have met and exceeded all of their expectations with the NEW Intelligent Fitness!

Jodi Gillono

Kellie Thompson

Richard & Shellie Lepucki

Polly & Joe Starkey

Leeann Thorn

Melissa Loomis

Jeff & Mary Jo Bowersox

Dale & Wendy Brott

Kim & Marge Whiteman

Sheila Hostetler

Ken & Kim Waseman

Bob & Ramona Cappelli

Nick & Nancy Define

Julie Baxter

Pam Miller

Venette LaRocca

Julie Hardgrove

Carol Evans

Larry & Chelle Cohen

Janie Geis

Dave & Donna Brandau

Sara Lemin, Jackson & Avery Vance

Rene Eneix

Craig & Alyssa Evans

Tammy Huggins

Ron Rodak

Karla Gotch

Karen & Jim Lynn

Dave & Denise Gerdeman

Julie Wichert