Erin McDermott, BA, CPT
Personal Trainer, developer of Intelligent Eating

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Education & Certifications
• Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
• Certified Personal Trainer, ACE

Erin’s Story…

My career in the Fitness Industry has been molded over time through many different experiences over the past few years. It began in my undergraduate studies when I became a part time group fitness instructor. It was a perfect match for me at the time, as the hours were flexible, I was able to share my love of exercise with other people–and also get my workout in too! I loved the atmosphere and energy of group classes, and I knew whatever career I would end up in, I wanted it to be as full of life as my classes were.

After I graduated college, I moved to Spain to participate in a teaching abroad program. Although I had studied abroad before, actually living in a new country with a host family and having a full time job truly opened my eyes to many things I did not expect. For instance, carrying around a water bottle is almost exclusively an American thing. The students at my school were not allowed to drink water in class, and they found it very strange that I was always drinking it. Understanding how important it is to stay hydrated, I made it my goal by the end of the year I would change the no water policy–and I did. By the time I left Spain, all my students had their favorite water bottle to drink during school.

I also learned how difficult it is to choose healthy options, when no one everyone around you is. Although I loved the Spanish food, what was cooked for me by my school and host-mom were never healthy options. I quickly gained weight in the first few months of being there, as everything I ate was very calorie dense. It became a point of contention when I would bring my own food to school, to try to avoid another fried meal. It was very surprising to me at how negatively my coworkers responded to my food choices, as at home I had been surrounded by like-minded people who ate the way I did.

It was at that point that I decided when I come home from Spain, I wanted to be part of a company that would help me provide the support and resources for anyone wanting to get healthier. It was important for me to build a community so even if someone did not have the support at home, they could come to an place where everyone was helping each other succeed.

However, after a few months of personal training, I started to realize there was much more I could do for my clients to help them reach their goals. I saw how misinformed most people were about what it takes to lose weight. As nutrition and weight loss is one of my favorite subjects to study, I have learned a lot over the years and knew it was about time to share the information!

After a few months of researching, creating and planning I had finally created my Intelligent Eating Weight Loss Program. My goal for my program is to create a culture where everyone feels empowered, respected and like they learn a little more each day. I believe with the right knowledge, tools and support, weight loss isn’t as difficult as most people think. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the company, my program and my clients!