Dria Spencer, CF-L1
Personal Trainer and Group Instructor

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Education & Certifications:
• B.A. in Exercise Science, Malone University, Pending December 2018
• CrossFit Level 1
• High Intensity Training

Dria’s Story…

My fitness journey all began when I was a sophomore in high school. In the midst of training for my Junior Olympic Volleyball Nationals and my competitive cheerleading team world’s competition, I tore my ACL. This harshly pulled me out of competition after working so hard to get there. I went through months of physical therapy with high hopes I was getting the best possible care as an athlete. Ten days after I was cleared, I tore my ACL once again but didn’t know until four months later. My new tear was overlooked by multiple health professionals and finally caught after various volleyball games of getting wheeled out on a wheelchair.

Once this knee was repaired, I went to the initial physical therapy but then skipped out after only four weeks and decided to do this recovery myself. I vowed to myself as a 16 year old that regardless of what I do in life, I aim to give my all to people. Never leaving someone feeling as hopeless as I felt. Months later, I jumped into a Sports Medicine vocational program at Louisville High School where I learned about the human body, injuries, injury prevention, etc. Fitness and health began in full swing. On my own I began to make myself my own patient. Putting together programs to rehab my knee. I ran track that same year, 9 months after my surgery, for my first year of high school and qualified for every invitational plus league meet. I absolutely fell in love with fitness, health, programming, and quantifiable results.

Once I graduated, I studied in Lakeland, Florida at Southeastern University where I was officially introduced to fitness industry. I trained with bodybuilders from all over Orlando and Tampa, visited all kinds of large fitness expos and gyms, and met all kinds of high-level competitors. This began to shape my passion immensely.

The following spring, I moved home and decided to finish school at Malone University. I also started to train CrossFit and absolutely fell in love with it. Fast-forward to today and I’ve now gained huge connections (being here at Intelligent Fitness) and gained knowledge from being at Malone University. I’ve also gone from barely knowing CrossFit to coaching at two successful CrossFit gyms as well as competing on a professional level. My love for fitness, people, and health has only gotten stronger and I plan to continue growing in my passion for people and fitness through IF!