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Covid 19 Statement

Soon we will meet again! We have all missed you and we hope you, your family, and your loved ones have been safe and healthy. These past weeks have proven something I’ve known all along. Intelligent Fitness isn’t just a gym, it’s a home. It’s in our hearts, it’s part of our lives and it’s who we are.


We are happy to announce that you are all welcome home again beginning Tuesday, May 26th!

We believe that our promise to guide you to a life of exceptional health and wellness regardless of your starting point is more relevant today than ever. It represents what we stand for, how we engage with our clients and the significant role we play in your lives. Over the past 20 + years you have placed an enormous amount of trust in us and we take that responsibility very seriously.

The health and well-being of our clients and team members have always been my top priority and has aided in the preparation of Intelligent Fitness for a safe reopening. While our life is changing, we are proud to announce that we will be continuing indefinitely with Virtual classes and training sessions as well as remote training packages for anyone interested. This will allow you to experience Intelligent Fitness, however, whenever and wherever you want. Your Intelligent Fitness membership will allow access to all of it.

The Intelligent Fitness Standard of Care

The Intelligent Fitness Standard of Care is our answer to the challenge of creating not only the safest environment for our clients but the one where you also feel comfortable. Some of the measures are temporary while others will be permanent and our team will receive extensive training on the new processes and protocols.

Cleaning: In addition to our already extensive cleaning process, we will add in an additional deep-cleaning and disinfecting process once during the day and once overnight. As well as a “clean-as-you-go” protocol. We are using medical-grade, EPA-registered disinfectants that are designated effective against the COVID-19 virus. Hand sanitizer and equipment disinfectant spray with disposable towels are throughout the facility.

Hand sanitization will be required upon entry and all clients will be asked to wipe down equipment before and after use. The Intelligent Fitness Team will be required to wash their hands before and between all clients and classes.

Health Declaration: Our Team will be required to enter the facility on the warehouse side and complete a mandatory health declaration before entering the gym to confirm they are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, nor have they come in contact with someone who is experiencing symptoms. They will also have their body temperatures taken upon entry to Intelligent Fitness via touchless thermometers. Per CDC guidelines, individuals with a body temperature greater than 100.4 degrees will not be permitted entry into the gym and will be asked to go home. Our team will be provided with face masks and gloves to be worn in the facility at all times except when it is unsafe to do so.

We ask that all clients do not enter Intelligent Fitness if they have a body temperature over 100.4, are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone who is experiencing symptoms. We also recommend that clients wear face coverings, gloves, or anything else that makes them feel more comfortable.

Temporarily Adjusted: During the initial reopening week, grab and go items in the kitchen will be paused, as will Virtual Classes. This is simply to be sure we can handle our reopening procedures well. For those who are not ready to return to Intelligent Fitness yet, there will be pre-recorded classes available in the bunker and links to the classes provided in the IronWire.

We encourage our clients to arrive dressed for their workout and to clean up at home after, when possible. We will be alternating the use of the showers so appropriate cleaning and sanitization can occur so additional wait times may occur.

Physical Distancing: We will be limiting overall facility capacity as well as class and self circuit capacity, based on each service’s unique size and layout. Clients will be required to book visits through the Vagaro app to attend. We believe that with some flexibility on your part, you will be able to continue your regular workout routine. Several steps will be taken to encourage six feet of separation at all times, as recommended by the CDC. Clients and our Team will be asked to respect floor markings and any other visual cues that facilitate distancing throughout the club.

We will be adjusting programming to prevent shared equipment use. All classes will be bookable in the app and additional classes will be added to the schedule on an as-needed basis to ensure we can accommodate client demand.

Additional Procedures: The following additional procedures will also be adhered to: doors will be propped open throughout the facility to minimize touching handles; our doors and garage door will be opened for air circulation with weather permitting; we will not have small fans blowing on clients but will have air or air conditioning circulating throughout the room from those units.

Contactless Transactions: We have introduced cashless transactions using the app. To facilitate this, please become familiar with our app or ask a team member for assistance.

Communication: In the event, there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, notification will be provided via email to all clients immediately. Clients will be requested to alert our Office Manager, Anna Evans if they test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of their last visit to Intelligent Fitness.

Our Plan for Reopening: Our plan upon opening is to begin Training sessions and live classes only, for the first week. We then have a protocol to add virtual classes, additional live options, and self circuits over the course of the following 3 weeks until we have returned to our full schedule of services.

We thank you for your ongoing commitment. Your support has enabled us to not only remain in business during this turbulent time but also to compensate my workforce during this closure. We are one community and one family and we are so grateful that you are a part of it.

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