Is there a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to personal training services and getting in shape? Absolutely not. Have we emphasized this point in the past? Absolutely! When you consider our business model and how each of our private personal training (and group training) services are laid out, it’s easy to see that there is no single training solution that works for everyone. While some people are more motivated in a group training setting, others get more benefit out of working one-on-one with one of our experienced private fitness trainers.

The Best Certified Personal Trainer Program In North Canton and Greentown

Whatever your needs are and whatever your background looks like, Intelligent Fitness Personal Training will make sure that our services are specifically tailored to your needs and your goals. Want to spend less time on the couch and finally run that 5k race that you’ve dreamed about? We can help, no problem. Looking to improve your core strength or increase the amount of weight that you can deadlift? Your intentions form the primary basis of what training service we think is the best fit for you.

Why do we care so much about your training success? That question is best answered by checking out our philosophy. Our core values of leading by example, training through integrity, striving for a healthy, personal balance and serving our local community are the cornerstones of our training gym in Ohio. By maintaining a professional yet comfortable atmosphere at all times during the training experience, we set you up for one of our favorite words: Success!

Below, we’re going to do a quick recap of every training service that we offer. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Intelligent Fitness Personal Training! Contact Ohio’s best trainers today!

General Fitness

The majority of our clients visit our personal training gym in Ohio to improve their health and fitness in a general sense. From personal training to small group training to classes, or even a mix of these services, our general fitness programs are ideal for those that need the guidance to exercise safely and the motivation to power through it.

Medical Fitness Training

Designed for those who are going through various ailments or medical concerns, we offer a comprehensive and complementary approach to exercise in order to reach a state of good health. With ample experience working with a number of chronic and acute conditions, we’ll help you get back to where you want to be.

Sports Training

We love our fellow athletes! Regardless of what sport you play, Intelligent Fitness Personal Training offers excellent sport-specific strength training as well as speed and agility training, screening and assessments, injury prevention techniques, mental preparation, nutrition and recovery services, and more. We take a comprehensive approach to training for our athletes.

Nutritional Support

Exercise is only part of the battle. Your health largely depends on the fuel that you put into your body, and that’s why we offer nutritional support services to help guide your eating decisions. From cooking demos to nutritional accountability sessions and workshops, our North Canton trainers will make sure that you’re eating and drinking the right things.

Small Group Training

Uplift and encourage others who will also be encouraging you to perform your very best! The small group dynamic is an excellent way to train together. Plus, a group of just two or three people who train and schedule their workouts together will be a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training services. Go on and get moving with your friends!

Exercise Classes

Relative to your capability and current fitness level, our classes are designed to progressively increase your fitness level, gradually increasing in difficulty and intensity. These educational workout sessions will test your body and mind, and cover areas from general fitness to sport-specific training to medical-based fitness training.

One-On-One Personal Training

This is where Intelligent Fitness Personal Training truly excels. By working with you on a completely individual and personalized level, we’ll constantly make micro-adjustments and assessments to re-determine your overall level of fitness. Whatever your personal goals are, we’ll help you achieve them.

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