1. Get Grounded

    by Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMSC Think back to the days when you would play for hours at a time outdoors: running barefoot through the yard, lying in the grass watching clouds go by, wading in a stream, or maybe climbing trees. Little did you realize at the time that all of those things were keeping you healthy and strong, but not in the way you might think. As time has gone by we’ve lost conta…Read More

  2. Avoiding The Typical Winter Workout Slump

    It’s all too relatable for many people. You have a great summer full of sunshine and adventure, hiking trails and conquering PRs, eventually reaching the point where you find comfort from the crunching of the leaves and beautiful changing colors of the fall. Yet, despite your commitment to fitness and enjoyment of the outdoors, you know deep down that winter is just around the corner. Sure enoug…Read More

  3. Avoiding Common Exercise-Related Injuries

    There’s no greater feeling of personal accomplishment and gratification than seeing your muscles bulk up, that needle on the scale go down, or smashing your latest personal record. Conversely, there’s no worse feeling than accidentally injuring yourself mid-workout, rendering you sedentary or just plain immobile for an extended period of time. It’s one thing to be happy in your life without …Read More

  4. use a personal trainer

    Avoid These Common Workout Mistakes By Using A Certified Personal Trainer

    If you ate an entire plate of spaghetti twenty minutes before your workout to “carbo load” or you jumped straight into a run wearing your street clothes, then you’re doing it wrong. Here at Intelligent Fitness Personal Training, we’ve seen some interesting mistakes that people have made over the years, and by writing about some of these fitness things, hopefully we can prevent people from …Read More

  5. The Invisible Universe Within

    By Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMS Justin Sonnenburg, a microbiologist at Stanford, suggests that the next step toward good health may be when we realize we are “an elaborate vessel optimized for the growth and spread of our microbial inhabitants.” In 2003, the Human Genome Project, the international scientific research project with the goal of identifying and mapping all of the genes of the hum…Read More

  6. eating after workout

    Optimal Nutrition: Eating After Your Small Group Fitness Class

    Imagine this: you’ve just completed a small group fitness training session here at Intelligent Fitness Personal Training, your muscles are sore but satisfied, and in your sweat-soaked clothing, you’re headed home. After feeling like you’ve earned the right to be a little bit lazy, you start streaming Netflix, embracing the soft support of your couch. After watching for awhile, you get up to …Read More

  7. pre workout nutrition

    Nutrition Matters: Fueling Up Before Your Small Group Training Class

    Getting off of the couch and getting active is half the battle, but what you put into your body is the other half of the battle. After all, it requires some extent of energy just to get to our North Canton gym in the first place, let alone the energy it takes to burn off all of those calories. So, what you eat before and after a workout is really important. By fueling your fitness experience with …Read More

  8. New Kicks for Kids!

    Working with young athletes a lot has kept me up to date on all the new fashion trends in sports and athletic apparel. The kids come in to the gym wearing the newest and coolest in athletic gear. I'm a big proponent of the saying “look good, play good”, but there's also a need to make sure that the equipment being used is the best to accomplish the task at hand. This article is meant to inform…Read More

  9. small group training benefits

    Benefits Of Small Group Training Classes

    You’ve heard the cliché before: life is a journey, not a destination. As generic as that sounds, it’s true! Well, fitness is no different. Becoming fit is an ongoing process that incorporates nearly all aspects of your life, requiring immense levels of dedication and discipline. Now, at the same time, getting in great shape is also one of the single most rewarding experiences there is. Everyo…Read More

  10. Common Myths About Aerobic Exercise

    Have you ever heard ridiculous claims like “Sprinting for twenty minutes straight makes you drop twenty pounds” or something along the lines of “I cured my cancer by running a local 5k!”? If you’ve been subjected to people seriously spouting these claims like they’re the truth, then you’ve been a victim of cardio myths. The horror! With so many people believing so many different thin…Read More