1. The Not-So-Secret Key to Weight Loss

    By: Erin McDermott, BA, CPT and leader of Erin's Intelligent Eating Program! In the United States, 45 million people attempt to diet each year. As a result, the weight loss industry is booming and has managed to convince Americans to spend over 66 billion dollars per year on weight loss products. Yet, the obesity rates in America continue to rise. However, numerous studies have demonstrated that t…Read More

  2. 21 Days is a Myth, But 5 Days is Reality

    By: Philip Palmer, BA, CPT, GEI Finishing up his series on behavior change, read on to find out how to simplify the process of creating new, healthy habits! Ask someone how long it takes to establish a new habit and the number 21 days is frequently mentioned. This number is confidently spoken, not questioned, and believed to be true for everyone. After hearing it so often, I decided to investigate…Read More

  3. Preparing for a Healthy Ski Season

    By: Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMSC The air is brisk. Snowflakes are powdering the earth. The slopes are calling. It’s ski season! If you take advantage of the colder months in Ohio, or other states, by dusting off your skis each winter, you are not alone. In 2015, about 9.51 million people in the United States headed to the slopes to either ski or snowboard. Skiing, whether downhill or cross co…Read More

  4. The Time is Now

    By: Philip Palmer, BA, CPT, GEI Continuing the series on behavioral change & goal setting, read on to learn how to set yourself up for success...  You have a goal, a dream, a pursuit, or an objective. You know what you want to accomplish. Now comes the stage of how you will get it done. In the last blog, we talked about finding a goal that is meaningful to you, whether it be fitness, nutritio…Read More

  5. World Records That Pushed the Boundaries of What We Thought Was Possible

    The human body is absolutely incredible. This dynamic, organic set of mass is capable of achieving many things that no other life form on earth can achieve. While we’re so delicate as to contract a life-threatening illness from a virus transmitted by air particles, we’re so able to withstand great deals of pain and, ultimately, rewrite the limitations of the human body. Why the epic introducti…Read More

  6. You Say “I’m Going To” and Then Walk Away

    In the weeks ahead, Trainer Philip is going to take you through a series of behavioral change tactics to help you make the changes you need and, most importantly, maintain them! You and your trainer decide that there is some goal you want to achieve. You’re motivated, excited, and encouraged to be a healthier you. You tell the trainer “I’m going to do this” and then you walk away. You s…Read More

  7. Personal Training And Exercise Motivation

    What’s the most difficult part about exercising and getting in shape? Is it enduring the teeth-gritting burn during the heat of an intense interval workout, or coping with the muscle soreness afterward? Is it struggling to find a personal fitness trainer that you actually enjoy training with? Perhaps your alarm goes off early in the morning and you struggle to do anything other than hitting the …Read More

  8. Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

    Learn why Trainer Melanie Neading is adding lemons to her water... When life gives you lemons, drink them in your water! As Trainers, we are always talking about the benefits of water. Especially during the warm summer months, water is essential to stay hydrated. You may not always want to drink as much as you should, so try adding lemon, if you haven’t already. If you aren’t crazy about the l…Read More

  9. Running On Different Surfaces: Why Does It Matter?

    If you’re the type of person that goes a little stir crazy when it comes to running on a treadmill, then you’re probably inclined to head out the door, hit the open road, and enjoy the fresh air out on a run. However, are you paying attention to the surfaces that you’re running on? While running certainly isn’t everything when it comes to the overall fitness equation — this high-impact c…Read More

  10. The Importance of Variety in Training

    “Progress is impossible without change.” Most of us resist change. We like routine. We like knowing what’s to come. But without change, without variety, there is little or no growth. The same is true when it comes to exercise. Pursuing change is much easier to talk about than actually do. Our brains and bodies are designed to fight against change, which is exactly what variety in your workou…Read More